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Stop Making Excuses Around Having Sex


Why Women and Men Should Stop Making Excuses Around Having Sex Introduction Sexual intimacy is a crucial component of romantic relationships, contributing to emotional bonding, physical satisfaction, and overall relationship health. However, many couples find themselves making excuses to avoid sexual activity, leading to a range of negative consequences. This blog post aims to explore the reasons...

Beautiful Brunette Women


Women are the most beautiful creatures on the planet. They deserved to be viewed as stunning and amazing human beings that unlock the sexual dynamic between two or more partners.
Julian Ford

Beautiful Brunettes

Beautiful Brunettes

Beautiful Brunettes




Dating is an essential part of the relationship experience, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. A lot of times we over complicate things unnecessarily.
Julian Ford

Relationship Advice


Relationships are a beautiful thing. Arguably the most beautiful thing in the world. We just don’t see it because we’re too blinded by materialism and selfish thinking. Julian Ford @themccabelife If you find yourself disagreeing with this and becoming defensive I want to challenge you to ask your spouse their thoughts. Because chances are you are the one with holding intimacy and your...

Rules of Success


If you want long term success in your relationship or marriage, these rules are essential to keep all partners involved happy and committed. Julian Ford In most of the world religions, the gods were having sex all the time and incorporated it into their daily lives. They deemed it a sin for mankind because they wanted us to use it only for procreation and not pleasure. That has caused shame and...

Prescription Medications for Sex


Not all medications are bad. Some can greatly enhance intimacy, strength of orgasm, force of ejaculate, and endurance. Always talk to your doctor and find the right combination for your individual self. Julian Ford Gabapentin Gabapentin will help relax your nervous system when taken in high doses. It will also in high doses make the nerves in the penis and clitoris much more sensitive to touch...

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