Rules of Success


If you want long term success in your relationship or marriage, these rules are essential to keep all partners involved happy and committed.

Julian Ford
In most of the world religions, the gods were having sex all the time and incorporated it into their daily lives. They deemed it a sin for mankind because they wanted us to use it only for procreation and not pleasure. That has caused shame and guilt to drag down millions of people in the present day. We need to combat this shame and encourage sex positivity in the world.
Intimate sex is required for a couple to bond and not fight / argue with one another. If this is not agreed upon to be the foundation for the relationship, the couple will break apart eventually.
It’s extremely important not to argue or fight with one another. That creates negative energy that will bring the connectiveness of the partners down. If you do fight, it’s important to forgive each other asap and have make up sex to restore the positive connecting energy between the two partners.
The woman needs to initiate sex about 75% of the time. They hold the most power in the relationship and when a woman initiates sex, she feels in control even if she lets the man be dominant over her. Her initiating also tells the man that she’s into him thus increasing his arousal state. If the woman is having a hard time initiating sex she needs to evaluate if she’s even attracted to her partner and/or have her hormones evaluated.
The woman is the key to unlocking sexual intimacy every time a couple engages in intercourse. She needs to take the initiative to stay sexually interested in her partner outside the bedroom.
It’s important for a couple to try new sexual acts to vary things up. Only engage in what both partners agree on. Don’t push or make the other partner feel intimidated about performing a particular sex act. Kink and BDSM play can safe relationships sometimes so don’t be afraid to explore it.
It’s important to have sex for a few hours whenever you engage in sex. Quickies and shorter encounters are perfectly ok, but the majority of the time should be focused on creating a quiet and intimate bedroom / environment where the two of them can retreat to and engage in 2 to 4 hour sex encounters. This will allow for both minds to rev down and be in almost a meditative state of mind where they can focus on touching the other partner, saying positive words to each partner, and overall making the opposite partner feel loved and bonded to. This takes time that a 5 or 10 minute encounter just can’t provide.
Weekend marathons are also a good idea – where both partners start after work on Friday and go until evening / bedtime on Sunday. The couple should be fully naked at all times unless going out in public for dinner, groceries, etc or if a certain sex act involving clothing is being performed for enjoyment. Being naked the entire time gets both partners used to seeing each other in a vulnerable and intimate setting, thus bringing them closer together as lovers.
Intimacy involves more than penile penetration into a woman’s vagina or anus.
Take plenty of showers together and have sex in the shower. Bathe each other off in the shower and comment many times on each other’s beauty and qualities.
Physically touch and rub the skin of your partner in multiple areas. This is not a massage. It is sensual touch to tell them thru touch that you love and adore them.
Brush the woman’s hair. Comb or brush the man’s hair or simply run your fingers through it. If man is bald, rub his scalp.
Pet each other for a decent period of time.
Purposefully say positive comments to your partner during sex or during the day as you go about your business. If you’re not together physically then text them these comments.
Intentionally think about properly receiving the words of the other partner. Absorb the energy and reciprocate back.
It’s extremely important for each partner not to hold a grudge against the other partner. This will breed resentment which will mean less sex overall.
Sex is not about the orgasm. If a partner does not orgasm or cum, tell the partner that it’s ok and you love them all the same. Compliment them in some way and continue other sex acts to stimulate and provide pleasure to each other.
As we age and develop chronic diseases, our hormones and neurotransmitters deplete. It’s important for both partners to be aware of this and take steps to medically improve and maintain their bodies. Taking psychiatric and hormone drugs in particular combination can help to keep your mind focused and get aroused easily. If taken in the right dosage and combination, one can even have a psychedelic moment where they seem to transcend this reality and experience immense feelings of joy, love, appreciation, and many other good feelings.
Make sure to keep water resistant sheets or some kind of substance on top of your bed as it’s highly likely both of you will cum and squirt a lot during your encounter. This will help prevent anxiety in the partners regarding washing the sheets due to all the fluids released during play time.
Make sure to incorporate sex toys as they can help the partner achieve orgasm and provide additional stimulation.
This is a preferential thing for each person, but overall I have found that religion overall casts a negative light on sex and therefore dampens the desire of a person to have sex. It’s important to cast all negative energy out of your life and include sex positive energy only. You must have zero shame and guilt regarding the act itself.
Have sex outside every so often. The nature and sunny environment can help boost neurotransmitters and other happy chemicals in the body for better enjoyment.
Make sure to talk about your sex life outside of the act itself. You should be having casual loving discussions about how to improve your sex life.
It is extremely important to have after care time with your partner. This usually entails both partners cuddling together in bed sleeping or talking, petting, and/or caressing one another. This takes place after all the orgasms have been achieved.
In my opinion it is vital for the man to ensure that the women gets stimulated first and is made to cum first. Let her get her juices and orgasms out first before working on the man. This will actually relax the woman more and make her more aroused thus wanting to pleasure the man.
If a woman has never squirted female cum before, don’t make her feel shamed. Instead provide encouragement that you will help her body learn to squirt cum and begin by giving oral sex to the woman for quite a while. Next you will want to stick your middle and ring finger into her vagina and massage the G-spot / Skene’s gland. You may wish to place the head of a magic wand vibrator into the palm of your hand while doing this which will create intense vibrations on her clitoris. Typically this will do the trick as tons of nerves are being stimulated all at once. It allows the Skene’s gland to produce more fluid and the vaginal walls to contract powerfully thus projecting squirt in a gushing form or intense stream. The fluid is comprised of female prostate fluid, urine, and other fluids. Once the woman’s body begins to squirt, it becomes easier to achieve during orgasm as the brain has been trained to allow it.
It’s very important for the woman to stay hydrated during the entire sexual encounter. Have plenty of water or energy drinks next to the bed. Being hydrated will help the woman squirt a lot more.
It’s very important for the right birth control methods to be used during sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Condoms usually break, leak, and tear thus they are not a good recommendation. Most female products don’t work either. Try birth control or one of the partners getting their tubes tied. Having an unwanted pregnancy can seriously jeopardize the relationship.
Make sure your on the same page about Masturbation. Each should be very comfortable for each partner to masturbate in the presence of the other as well when one partner is not available. If you are masturbating and your partner becomes available, incorporate them into the sexual encounter to finish the act.
It is vital to never deprive the other partner of sex. It’s normal for one partner to have a higher drive than the other which is why prescription drugs exist to help boost that drive. Both partners should be working together to keep their sex drive as high as possible so that when one approaches the other, there will be no denial. On this note, if one partner is feeling tired or drained one option is to have the tired partner lay flat on the bed while the other uses their body to stimulate themselves, not in a selfish way but rather respectful as the tired partner was still used to help pleasure the other. The partner on top once finished should lay down and cuddle with the other and thank them repeatedly for the encounter as a form of after care. If sickness or illness is present then this is a different story. Abstaining from sex is preferable to prevent the other from getting sick.
Women should always remember that during their period, sex is the best form of pain management. It works better than any drug I know of. Don’t be afraid to have sex during your period if you have them at all.
Sometimes using the middle name of your partner as a code for I need sex can be a nice turn on.

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Julian Ford

Julian is an accomplished author and sexologist who is aiding in the normalization of safe, consensual sexuality in society. He is opposed to religious and political tyranny as it tries to oppress and take advantage of the sex industry.

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